About the author of the concept

Bc. Ladislav Boldi
College of International and Public Relations Prague
Prague, Czech Republic


Ladislav Boldi was born on 16 May 1966. After his birth his biological mother refused to take him into her own care so he was placed in a social care facility for newborns. He spent his childhood up to the age of nineteen in social care facilities (children’s homes, youth detention centres). Once he was released Ladislav Boldi became homeless because the state did not issue him with the necessary documents (identity card, permanent residence stamp) to prove his identity and allow him to look for work and be able to find a place to live.

So he would not starve to death Ladislav Boldi was forced to work without any official permit (illegally) and as a result he subsequently received a suspended sentence. He slept on the streets, in parks, at bus stops or in abandoned cellars and mostly ate food after its sell by date which he freely received from people.

The state issued Ladislav Boldi with a strict ban from entering all offices and banished him from social life. The social injustice which Ladislav Boldi was constantly confronted with finally forced him to take the law into his own hands and address the question of justice in his own way. However he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for inappropriate defence.

In prison Ladislav Boldi decided to devote his time to creating social projects which would be able to help people deal with the social injustice he had personally experienced. The main source of his inspiration was the long-term experience gained from excluded areas, from life on the street, from inadaptable people, from a criminal background, from prison or from criminal organisations in the underworld without which it would not have been possible to establish any meaningful social project.

Ladislav Boldi graduated from the College of International and Public Relations Prague with a bachelor’s degree in economic diplomacy and decided to dedicate his life to creating social projects that help secure not just rights and freedoms for citizens, but also ensure that they have a quality standard of living and social security.

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